Sorry, But This Swarm Game Is a Serious Problem

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Perversely, I am attempting to solve Geo-Defense Swarm in a “clean” way — i.e. w/out resorting to drugs (other than the usual cocktail of caffeine and alcohol), genetic modification or consulting online strategy guides. Honor demands it. For some reason.

But I am getting manhandled by this thing. Still haven’t beaten level one on medium. I figured my Fieldrunners chops would pretty much give me a by on the first half of the game. I figured wrong.

I’m trying to strike a balance between quantity (i.e. constructing intricate death mazes of towers) and quality (i.e. leveling up my little towerlets). I’m convinced part of the secret is strategically placed, massively-tricked-out thump towers. But the golden ratio still eludes me.

And will somebody please tell me what the hell those wimpy yellow shock towers are for?