Star Trek DVD Exclusive: Spock, Before and After

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The “Star Trek” Blu-ray is set to hit stores Tuesday, and not only does it sparkle in high-def, but there are some serious extras worth your time.

First off, the high points in terms of picture and sound: The thrilling opening sequence (we learn through the director’s commentary that this represents only a fraction of the opening that once was) is even more exciting with surround-sound torpedos being fired, and the title sequence is every bit as towering and awesome as it was on the IMAX screen. The best-looking shot of the DVD – and indeed the film – might be the Enterprise flying in front of Saturn. Something about the planet’s rings contrasting with the details of the ship’s hull.

I won’t even talk about the starship simulator here – but it’s very cool. The two best bonus featurettes involve Spock, both the birth sequence which never made it into the final cut – note his parents’ surprise that he has his mother’s emotions, and his father’s ears – and the touching documentary footage of Leonard Nimoy’s last day on the set.

After all these many decades of building a franchise, J.J. Abrams gives a clearly emotional Nimoy the chance to address the cast and crew. Paramount was kind enough to give us the footage a day before anyone else can see it – enjoy.