Fantastic Mr. Fox – the Comic Book?

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Wes: Why did you hold out on us?

Techland sat down with the “Fantastic Mr. Fox” director last Thursday, for a feature that’s going up on these pages in just a few days, but we must not have known the magic word to get him to divulge his biggest story yet from the set – for fans of comics, that is.

Anderson told MTV that in developing all the miniature details for his stop-action film, he invented a fictional comic book called “White Cape” to serve as the inspiration for Ash, who runs around all day wearing a white cape. But after devising the title and the teeny-tiny cover, it struck both Anderson and storyboard artist Christian De Vita that this “White Cape” concept might be something more than a mere prop. Perhaps a “White Cape” comic?

Who knows if it’ll ever come to be – that we’ll be able to walk down on a random Wednesday morning and snatch up “White Cape #1” – but if it’s anywhere close to being as inventive and infectious as the film, we’d buy it in a second!