Palm Pixi: What Do You Want To Know?

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Even though Palm didn’t want us to have one, TECHLAND now has a Palm Pixi for review. I’m well versed on this device having already reviewed the Pre at the old 9-5, but you guys are the ones going out to buy these things or wondering if it’s worth the dough. So tell me what you want to know about it. My initial feedback is as follows. The keyboard isn’t half bad. It’s much better than the Pre. Lack of Wi-Fi is a real bummer when it’s become a standard feature on all smartphones.

Software and hardware go hand in hand; one can only be as good as the other and it rings true with the Pixi. I’ve loved webOS since the moment I laid eyes on it at CES ’09. Without even knowing it, I was in love with an early incarnation of webOS when the design team that now works at Palm was at Helio and the OS was being called Halo. Unfortunately, the innards of the Pixi are less than spectacular and webOS chorks when you ask the Pixi to handle a certain variety of tasks at once. Or maybe webOS is bloated and needs to be trimmed down.

Anyway, tell me what you’d like to know and I’ll be sure to check things out as I pen my review for tomorrow.