Exclusive: A Freaky Prisoner Finale

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One more night for AMC’s “The Prisoner,” and the intimidation is getting unbearable.

We had a chance to talk with star Jim Caviezel, about the tit for tat psychological warfare being waged between his character, Six, and the smirking, sinister Ian McKellen (read the full interview here). And then AMC was kind enough to give us an exclusive clip from tonight’s finale – one of the darkest moments we’ve seen yet from this 3-night mini-series.

A drugged-up Caviezel writhes in a hospital hallway, unable to lift a finger as McKellen hovers above him, whispering sweet threats, arranging flowers on Six’s chest as he preps his nemesis for a glass coffin.

This is creepy, creepy stuff – and it makes you wonder just how dark this grim remake is willing to go in its final chapters. We’ll be watching.