NASA’s Newest, Meatiest Spokesman: The Rock

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I don’t know about you, but when I hear the name NASA, I think of shuttles, telescopes, astronauts and outer space. I think of sitting down to the computer and flipping through high-res images of stars, nebulae, or the surface of Mars (seriously, check these shots out.)

But apparently today’s kids need something more than the International Space Station to keep their imaginations whirring. So in a bid to convince kids that science is cool, that the space program has a multitude of practical applications right here on Earth, and that apparently “there’s no space like home,” NASA has teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to use his newest animated film “Planet 51” as a springboard for all sorts of PR efforts.

Aside from the bad puns, I think just about anything that gets people excited about space, and NASA, is a great thing – even if it means holding hands with The Scorpion King himself. And seeing the green-glowing ex-wrestler behaving so well here, I guess the old adage is proven true: Inside every fighter is a scientist just waiting to break out of his shell.

I wonder if the same dichotomy applies to bullies. Kids: the next time a big bully picks on you, just remind him that NASA is responsible for his comfy rubber shoes.  Write down the results, and be sure to report back.