Buck Rogers Returns – in the 21st Century

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When it comes to adapting or reimagining a comic, all a television producer has to do for guidance is look at Hollywood’s box office returns. When you invest the money and embrace the storyline, creating something like Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight or the second reboot of The Incredible Hulk, the fans turn out.

I’m already guessing that James Cawley gets this very fact. His Cawley Entertainment Company has obtained the rights to Buck Rogers – as in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – and is gearing up to film new episodes of a Buck Rogers television show. Cawley, in fact, announced the rather ambitious goal of distributing 20 Buck Rogers episodes in 2010. And then this teaser trailer was released for fans, a rather impressive clip that suggests Cawley’s production is taking itself quite seriously, investing in the special effects needed to make this tale soar once agian:

Buck Rogers fans old and new should be getting a few goosebumps –

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