The Techland Show: Guest Host Edition

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We’ve got a guest star for this week’s Techland Show: Me. Mr. culture/tv/movies. The guy who can’t really play video games – though I did have a glorious few years as a devoted player of Counter Strike.  I was the sniper on Dust, who waited patiently to pick you off one by one. You mocked me for slowing down the gameplay.

Now I’m the guy huddled in Brooklyn apartment pouring over DVR’d episodes of sci-fi series, and running to three or four screenings a day. So I had plenty to offer when Peter asked me about Syfy’s Alice, or about that crazy new YouTube video which shows robots obliterating a city, and then went on to be picked up by a Hollywood studio as a feature.

I know those things. Video games: Not so much. As you’ll see here. I think Peter just wanted an easy win.

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