AT&T Admits Service Stinks In San Francisco and NYC

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AT&T is well aware of their subpar level of service in Manhattan and San Francisco. That much is true. They even released an app earlier this week giving users the ability to “Mark the Spot” (iTunes Link) where service has basically crapped out. The problem with the app is that if you live in either city the chances of you being able to submit a report are pretty low. Sort of goes against everything the app is meant to help with, right?

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Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility, is quoted as saying that service in both San Francisco and New York “are performing at levels below our standards.” He assures us that it’s going to be fixed in both markets and that we’ll see “significant progress.” Isn’t that what he said over a year ago?

And like the AP reported earlier today, AT&T has plans to target heavy data users with “incentives” to curb the amount of bandwidth we all pay for on a monthly basis. That’s going to go over real well, Ralph.

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