Panel of the Week 12/9/09

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It was a big week for new people appearing as old characters. It’s the new Batgirl, the new Deathlok, and the new/old Captain America. Back again. For the first time. Or something. It was also a big week for series debuts. Issue #1 of God Complex, the much hyped Image title by Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming dropped. Also arriving, Murderer #1, the latest from Top Cow’s little Pilot Season experiment. Let’s see where the action takes us in Panel of the Week.

Deathlok #2
In the future, war has become a televised sport. Two soldiers fighting for the Roxxon corporation have fallen in battle. Two valuable soldiers. What does Roxxon do? They take the remaining parts of both and combine them into a cyborg known as Deathlok the Demolisher. Funny thing about this panel is it’s not even him! It’s the action figure based on him! Did you hear? Corporations are soulless and bad.

Batgirl #5
Here’s the thing about the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, she’s really just a puppet for the old Batgirl, Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle. Here Steph is chucking multiple ‘freezarangs’. Batarangs that freeze large portions of a target in blocks of ice. Who couldn’t be a Batperson with cool gear like that? And how does Oracle know how to do all this stuff?

God Complex #1
Can you imagine running a crew for an organized crime ring in charge of extorting money from local businesses and finding out that the dishwasher is actually the god Apollo? I mean, you’re Paulie Walnuts and then this guy right here comes through the plate glass window and he’s seriously cheesed. That’s a bad day.

New Avengers Annual #3
So I’m fairly certain that the Captain America Reborn series hasn’t wrapped up yet. The last we saw in that book Steve Rogers’ body was being ‘worn’ by the Red Skull. And yet we’ve had three appearances by Cap in the last two weeks. (Dark Avengers Annual #1 & Iron Man #21 were the other two.) I guess he makes it out of that series alive. Thanks Marvel.

Murderer #1
Jason Sparks hears your thoughts. He hears everyone’s thoughts. All the time. And when he hears the thoughts of bad, bad people he murders them. In issue number one he starts things off with a weapon I just don’t think we see enough of, good ol’ brass knuckles. (By the way, as much as this is supposed to be an original idea it’s basically the movie Unbreakable, no?)