Star Trek Beams Into Theater of the Absurd

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Picard orders red alert, then launches into song.

The Ferengi dude is clearly stoned.

For some reason Geordi won’t shut up about apple juice.

And I now know more about Riker’s digestive system than I’m comfortable with.

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This absurd mash-up of Star Trek: The Next Generation and incomprehensible non sequiturs – which all match the lip movements of the on-screen characters – is random, ridiculous and utterly hilarious. And I sense here a format that could be replicated time and again, across various genres and styles.

Imagine a lip-synched farce of The Da Vinci Code (assuming, of course, that you didn’t read the first draft as comedy), or an apologetic Battlefield Earth. Or how about a Shakespearean Plan 9 From Outer Space?

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