Top 10 Superhero Deaths of the Decade

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FULL LIST: Top 10 superhero deaths of the decade.

The last decade was either a good stretch or a bad one for super heroes. It was bad because many of them died but it was good because at some point most of them came back to life. It’s impossible to write a list about super hero death without including super hero resurrection. Retconning stories is an everyday occurrence.

However, with Marvel dropping the Comics Code Authority and DC pushing mature imprints violence and death in comics is becoming more and more common.  Now the two dead character extravaganzas aside (Blackest Night, Necrosha) there was still a lot of dead guys flying around in the tights and flights set this decade.

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The following list compiles the deaths of heroes that had the most impact. The deaths that set off wars and united nations. These were the deaths that got the most headlines but that does not necessarily they were well written.

FULL LIST: Top 10 superhero deaths of the decade.

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