Kick-Ass: Introducing Hit Girl

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The trailer was spectacular and appears to stay true to Mark Miller’s comic, but like Peter Sciretta over at Slash Film points out, these posters aren’t doing the film justice. They’re actually misleading and kind of dumb looking. Here’s Chloe Moretz posing as Mindy Macready aka Hit Girl posing atop a building much like Big Daddy played by Nic Cage. She looks nice, right? Except for the fact that she’s a crazy vigilante who goes around chopping people’s limbs off!

Maybe the subtlety of the posters will actually draw people into theaters to see the movie, but /film points out that posters aren’t even being displayed in theaters. That might actually work to their advantage. Lionsgate is better off pushing the trailer than anything else.

Check out Kick-Ass and Big Daddy.