Respect the Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

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He’s towered and cowered, been the head honcho and the hired help.

Morgan Freeman’s played characters at just about every end of the power spectrum, and someone over at I Watch Stuff! finally took the time to break down the official hierarchy. Behold:

You’ve got to give the man props: He’s probably going to be nominated for an Oscar for playing Nelson Mandela in Invictus, and that role doesn’t even make the top of the pyramid. Is there anything Morgan Freeman can’t do? (See Tech;and’s list of the best fictional characters of the decade)

I can think of plenty of other popular actors who deserve a similar career breakdown. Samuel L. Jackson to be sure – maybe a rundown of the various creatures he’s battled (snakes, sharks, Sith lords, etc.) Maybe Tom Cruise? Harrison Ford? Oh, I’ve got it: Ian McKellen. From Gandalf to Magneto….