Techland Roundup: This Week in Geek

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12/20 – 12/27

While sipping on our eggnog this week, we dutifully admired the Morgan Freeman Chain of Command, pondered the acid trip that is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and nursed a pretty serious Avatar hangover. We also brought you our list of the biggest Disappointments of the Decade, a five-minute sneak peek video of the Nexus One and more Kick Ass footage. Huzzah!

So without further babbling, here’s what you didn’t see in Techland this week:

  • Firefox > Internet Explorer? Survey says, yes. According to analytical firm StatCounter, Firefox has surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in popularity.
  • Holiday Hot Spots Traveling? Check out PC World’s Free Wi-Fi Guide for the weary tech trekker.
  • Guard your iPhones, Chicago. The Tribune is reporting a steep rise in electronics theft on the CTA’s “L” train. Meanwhile in New York, a stolen Xbox was recovered after its rightful owner spotted the system’s IP address online.
  • Car wise Ford announced it will bring Wi-Fi to the road in the U.S., a would-be great advance; expect that Japan has been doing exactly this since 1997.
  • The new old iMac: Speakers, Mini Mac and a cup of joe. Gizmodo has it right, this is awesome. And weird. Weirdly awesome.

See you in 2010.

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