CES Cometh

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The first week of January generally entails a lot of catch up and remembering that it’s 2010 and not 2009, for example. If you’re in the tech world then the first week of January means one thing: CES. And that’s where I’m headed this week. Lev was supposed to go but then he came up with some excuse about a speaking engagement. I think he’s lying.

Before that, I’ll be in Mountain View, CA, for Google’s Android event. What will this mysterious event lead to? The hive mind expects it to be the Google Phone aka Nexus One. Duh. We’ll have live coverage beginning at 10AM PST. It’ll be our first live blog, so let’s try and crash the servers!

Back to CES for a moment. Expect a lot of 3D TV nonsense to trickle out this week. I don’t anticipate the focus of the show being elsewhere. We’re still working out a few kinks on the backend at Techland, so we won’t have a custom RSS feed setup for CES and non-CES feeds. Sorry. Basically, expect a blitzkrieg of gadget news all week starting tomorrow.

Oh, I’m covering this show solo, which means we won’t be as fast as everyone else. But I’ll clear through the clutter instead of posting a piece on every little doodad that comes out.

Also, FML.