Flixster, Eyes Fixed On IMDB, Devours Rotten Tomatoes

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Look out, IMDB. Nemesis Flixster just got a new (not-so-secret) weapon.

As of today, Flixster has acquired user-review bible Rotten Tomatoes from IGN Entertainment.

The pairing makes sense as Flixster grows (this will only aid the rise) and IGN looks to shrink its content umbrella more exclusively to gaming and men’s lifestyle. (Because apparently, we gals got no (video) game.) IGN President Roy Bahat makes mention of the site’s refocusing and, more specifically, the advertisers that will come with it. Looks like the move could be lucrative on both ends.

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The two sites have partnered up in the past for (what else?) movie reviews, most recently syndicating Rotten Tomatoes’ critic reviews to Fixster’s site and mobile apps. Now, the two can boast 250,000 movies and 2.3 billion user reviews between them.