Samsung Gets Physical, Physical With Pair of “World’s First” MP3 Players

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I wouldn’t typically waste my time writing about MP3 players, but Samsung’s IceTouch (YP-H1) and MyFit (YP-W1) warrant some attention albeit brief interest. CES wouldn’t be CES if Samsung didn’t announce a gaggle of “world’s firsts” and the IceTouch looks to be the tip of the iceberg. See what I did there?

With a 2-inch transparent AMOLED touch-screen, the IceTouch becomes the first of its kind. The 16GB mp3 player features the TouchWiz Sweep UI, 5.1-channel “sound enhancement technology,” support for a plethora of audio codecs, DVD-quality video playback, an FM radio and the ability to act as an external hard drive.

The 8GB MyFit claims to be the first PMP with wellness management tools including the first fat and stress sensors. It tracks calories burned while jogging/walking and even records caloric intake with the included food calorie database. A slew of apps keep track of your water intake and even help you to quit smoking among other things.

Both will be available by summer.