Take Away The 3D And What Is “Avatar” Really Worth?

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After raking in a billion dollars and selling out a few thousand 3D screenings, the film force that is Avatar has seeped into TV execs’ fantasies.

Variety is reporting that FX just bought the basic cable rights to James Cameron’s blockbusting flick Avatar for a tidy $25 million sum.

But, take away the large screens, the surround sound, and most importantly, the 3D and what will Avatar become? Perhaps not worthy of a $25 million price tag.

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Now, let me be clear. I loved this movie. I’ll probably go see it again before it’s out of theaters. But – and this is a pretty big but – I’m not so sure I’d sacrifice my memory of an amazing theater experience to re-watch a movie that might not be so special on a small 2D screen.

I’ll admit it – I was dazzled by the fancy special effects, probably overly so. And even though FX won’t begin airing the film until midway through 2012, I’m not so sure that even then I’ll be ready to admit that my Avatar love was really just spectacle lust.

Will you watch?

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