Netflix Officially Coming To The Wii This Spring, Does Anyone Care? [Update]

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It was inevitable, right? Rumors have been swirling for months and now it’s finally happened. Netflix is coming to the Wii this spring.

Like PS3 owners, Wii owners will have to use an instant-streaming disc and have a Netflix plan greater than $8.99/month. There won’t be any HD streaming because, you know, the Wii’s hardware is incapable of such feats. According to Nintendo, the Netflix UI will be familiar to Wii owners.

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To secure your free instant-streaming disc head over to now.

But does anyone really care considering you won’t be able to stream HD content? Might this announcement allude to new hardware at E3?

Update: Nintendo of America Prez Reggie Fils-Aime has just squashed any chance of us seeing new Wii hardware with the following statement from Bloomberg:

“We are confident the Wii home entertainment console has a very long life in front of it.”

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