Techland Roundup: This Week In Geek

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1/10/10 – 1/16/10

What a week.

Peter finally recovered from CES, we spent our week knee-deep in reboots (Spider-Man! Terminator! Ghostbusters!) and ego-centric China pissed off ego-centric Google. Let the thumb wrestling begin!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Techland is showing off a shiny new suit (or, geeky ruffled tux) with our brand new site design. We hope you like it, but most importantly, we hope it brings you more easy-to-consume bits of info. (Our fearless leader, Peter Ha, addresses you all here.)

But, in case you were too busy playing Bayonetta (Lev) to really get your required servings of tech news this week, we’ve got what’s worth reading around the Web this week:

  • Segway sells out. The company that gave us one of the most hilariously useful ways to get around has announced its merger with, well actually they don’t tell us what company it is. All we know is that said mystery company is owned by Jimi Heselden, the chairman of Hesco Bastion.
  • Iron Man 2 in IMAX. The much anticipated sequel slated to be released in May will play on IMAX screens on opening weekend. Awesome.
  • Blackberry teams with Google. Blackberry users will be able to search their email with a Google mobile contacts search, available for download at
  • Oh, yes he did. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak let slip that the Nexus One is his new favorite gadget. That’s great and all Steve, but APPLE DOESN’T MAKE IT. Then again, we like a mega-gajillionaire businessman with some honesty. (Read our Nexus One review here.)
  • DIY Record Label. Now this is pretty cool. The Apple Blog pounded out detailed instructions to create your own LP on iTunes – and it’s distributable. There is some coding involved, but nothing impossible. You’ll be able to add photos, liner notes, lyrics, and of course, the music itself.
  • Mad mouse. Disney is currently working to put a stop to its titles’ availability on Netflix’s site via the Starz channel. In fact, Disney is working on a video subscription site of its very own.
  • Unlikely duo. Google and Verizon are teaming up to file joint comments regarding the FCC’s possible Internet regulations. They’re not in favor. We’re not surprised. Internet communication guru Skype also filed comments with the FCC, asking that the Internet be kept open and neutral.
  • Virtual sunny days. Warner Bros. Interactive just closed a multi-year deal with Sesame Street to produce video games along side the WB’s other kid games like the Lego franchise.
  • $$$ Verizon cut the cost of an unlimited calling plan from $99.99 to $69.99 to compete with other carriers. The company’s data package for Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile will stay at $29.99.
  • Flash comes to iPhone. Adobe has announced that it’s soon-to-be-available Creative Suite 5 will include a “Packager for iPhone,” whether Apple likes it or not.
  • Not so fast, YouTube. California banned Google from broadcasting this week’s Prop 8 trial live on YouTube.
  • Tiger Woods, The Survey? EA could be rethinking its line of Woods-themed video games. Apparently, the company is probing the public for its opinion of the cheater golfer before the launch of its next game.

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