Piranha 3D Photos: Worst. Spring Break. Ever. (Or Snakes On A Plane In The Water)

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It takes a little while, to get sold on a movie called Piranha 3D. But then you start to see pictures like the one above, and find yourself getting a little giddy over the prospect of a wall-to-wall, over-the-top, R-rated Piranha orgy. Just think about it: Insane fish, swarming unsuspecting swimmers, leaving chewed-up corpses to float up on the beach.

And all of it racing at you in glorious 3D.

With the release date now officially moved back to August, I’m going to go ahead and say this right now: Piranha 3-D is 2010’s Snakes on a Plane. I can already hear the giggling opening night crowds, joined by a crescendo of beer bottles being accidentally kicked over, rolling across the movie theater floor.

Whoever thought of distributing these insanely gruesome and bloody promo photos, which you can find posted over at Bloody Disgusting, should be given a medal. Or at least a promotion. Just look at all the clueless spring break partiers, oozing red paint and sporting dismembered limbs. Where’s your suburban luxury now, fools! Never turn your back on the sea!!

So yeah, I’m psyched. What once felt like a gimmicky ploy to throw fish at the audience now has the feel of an Anaconda–like, Grindhouse-riffic, over-the-top bloodbath that might just be worth our collective time, in the gritty high-def of 3-D (maybe even IMAX 3-D!)

Doubting me? Okay, then go look at the insane pics. Piranhas!!!!

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