Dear Mr. Lucas: Indy 5? Really? You’re Serious? Another One?

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Dear Mr. Lucas:

Hope you’re having a lovely holiday. Kudos on the new book. Love the beard.

All of us over here at Techland are not quite sure how to put this, so we’ll just say it: You are aware the last Indiana Jones film was pretty weak, right? A few fun moments, yes, and it’s always awesome to see the Fedora back in action. But the story was, how shall we put it: A few whiplashes short of a Singapore caning.

Please acknowledge you understand this. Because we saw you on The Daily Show, where you were saying all kinds of kooky things – where you seemed to shrug off all criticism of The Phantom Menace because there are some kids out there who point to it as their favorite of all Star Wars films. Were you merely defending the thing – or do you honestly, under oath, believe there are lots of us out here who just think Jar Jar Binks is a cut-up? (More at Techland: See our top 10 films of the decade)

And now it gets even worse: I come across this MTV story about Harrison Ford, where he’s talking about you and the fact that you’re working on an Indy 5 script, that he’s eager to explore a bit more his relationship with Marion, and Mutt. A good old family road trip – think of it as National Lampoon’s Mayan vacation.

“George is working on an idea,” Harrison was telling those guys, “And if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are very interested in making another.”

Really? You’re Serious? Another one? Really?

Listen up old man: Please, let at least Indiana Jones rest in peace. Don’t make us endure an elderly love story, with an awkward father-son / sequel-friendly twist. It is time to move on to something else….you know, to maybe a fresh idea or two to accompany this new century?

You keep going back and monkeying up things that weren’t broken. Come on!

Thanks again for Star Wars (four, five and six).

Love, Techland

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