Mythbusters Giveaway: Shirts, Comic-Con 2010 Trips, MLK Marathon

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Hey guys, the kind people over at Discovery have given us a handful of Mythbusters t-shirts that we can giveaway today, as part of their all-day Mythbusters marathon.

It’s utter mayhem over there. For starters, the Mythbusters web site just relaunched this morning. And all day, as Mythbusters episodes air on Discovery, a contest is being held on Twitter, where fans of the show can win DVDs, a trip to this year’s Comic-Con, along with other goodies.

So here’s the deal on both giveaways: Just start following Mythbusters on Twitter (@MythBusters) and then be sure to watch for their tweets throughout the day, which will ask you to post certain things to become eligible for the Comic-Con grand prize. Whenever you post a tweet as part of their contest, be sure to add (via @techland) and that’s the pool from which we’ll be picking our t-shirt winners.

Pretty easy right? Follow MythBusters, post whatever they say, and add (via @techland). Who feels like a winner!!

They also gave us some promo video to post. Check it out below. And believe you me: We’ll have plenty more Mythbusters goodies in the weeks and months to come.