NYT To Charge Online, Apple Content Deals Abound

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NY Mag seems to have it on good authority that the NYT will soon announce a content partnership with Apple to coincide with the purported Tablet announcement on the 27th. The subscription model for the Times would allow readers a few free samplings before being asked to subscribe, says NY Mag. Several sources at the Times say the announcement “could come within days” or “in a matter of weeks” causing a handful of tech journalists and bloggers to postulate that all signs point to an Apple Tablet.

(More on Techland: Roundup of Apple Tablet Rumors)

I’ve heard from my own sources that several top-tier publishers have been flying back and forth to Cupertino over the last few weeks. There was no mention of the Tablet in a confirmed manner, but more speculation than anything. Does this scoop from NY Mag confirm anything? No. It’s only adding fuel to the fire.