App Club: The Horrible Vikings

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I liked Earth vs. Moon. Even thought it sometimes made me weep until my iPhone’s touchscreen was slick and piezoelectrically confused by the multi-touches of my hot salty tears.

So I jumped on the second game by the same developers, Low Five Games, which is called The Horrible Vikings.

The contrast with their first game could not be greater. There are way more Vikings in this one.

Horrible Vikings has one of the odder game mechanics I’ve come across lately. You sail a Viking ship from island to island. When you get to an island, you hop into a catapult and fling yourself onto it, side-scrolling-ways. You bounce from enemy to enemy and building to building, gradually shedding your kinetic energy and in the process destroying things, capturing gold and princesses, etc., using your formidable Viking butt.

The enemies are ninjas.

The above sentences, although ostensibly written in English, do not actually make “sense” or convey much “information” about The Horrible Vikings. The nonsensical-ness of the game is in fact something that the Vikings themselves often comment on.

Join me this week, won’t you, as we share the joys, and the sorrows, of these large-butted pranksters of the frozen north.