ESPN Coming To Xbox Live In The US?

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Microsoft has sold over 39 million Xbox 360s since 2005 and some 20 million members peruse Live services like Netflix and Twitter (assuming you have a Gold membership) every month, aside from fragging friends in TF2 or MW2. We can joke all we want about the servers going down hours after the launch of a popular new game, but it doesn’t always crumble like we think. In fact, MS recorded 2.2 million simultaneous users at one time during the week of Christmas. And let’s not forget the overwhelming popularity of “1 vs. 100.”

So it should come as no surprise that MS is in talks with Walt Disney to bring ESPN content to the 360. After all, MS launched Sky Player last year in the UK giving users across the pond access to all manner of content including live Premier League football matches. The deal isn’t set in stone and there’s been no talk of pricing, but it’s safe to assume that a subscription model and PPV model would be available allowing for flexibility. I guess this would work out for households that don’t subscribe to cable.

(via NYT)