I <3 Single Malts And The Macallan Ice Ball Maker

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This is totally off-topic, but I had to share this video I took while at a Macallan tasting event in NYC last week. The team at Macallan first discovered this copper contraption in Japan and has struck a deal for the exclusive rights in the US. The weight of the top piece and copper’s heat conductive properties all come together to form a perfect sphere of ice.

I really do enjoy a nice glass of single malt and had the opportunity to taste some amazing stuff from Macallan, like, a 142 proof New Make, as well as 10-, 15-, 17-, 18-, 30- and 52-year-old variants. It was a pretty cool experience. Any other single malt drinkers in the crowd?

I failed to bring a camera or video camera (borrowed someone else’s for our video) to the tasting, so if you’re looking for images then head over to Notcot.

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