Techland Roundup: The Daily Dose

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Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010

Today on Techland: Peter brought us the latest on the Apple Tablet unveil, Steve chatted up the talented Alex Proyas and Matt will probably be in the dog house for a few nights…

Here’s what else going on in tech news around the Web:

Pandora Habitat Lust. An essay in The New York Times lays out just why real-life biologists are so crazy for Avatar‘s fantasy-land Pandora.

Whedon On FX? Maybe. According to Slice of Sci-Fi, Whedon is meeting with FX president John Landgraf this week “to discuss future projects.”

Star Wars in 3D! Mr. Lucas himself told Access Hollywood that he’s grateful to Cameron’s Avatar because he’s wanted to release Star Wars in 3D for some time.

Shark Week For Android. Discovery Communications just announced the launch of their Discovery Channel Android app, which according to the press release will provide video clips from the channel’s popular shows.

MoveĀ  Over, Cameron. Variety reports that China is stripping 1,600 screens of the 2D version of Cameron’s Avatar to make way for the state-backed Confucius film.

Speaking Of AvatarHustler announced that it’s planning to produce an Avatar porn parody named, This Ain’t Avatar XXX. (The name needs work, guys.)

DJ Hero 2! Activision is sticking with its DIY gaming turntables and with its plans to roll out the game’s second version. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick tells Game Informer, “We’ll stick with it and get it right. But it’s going to be less games, better games. That’s our strategy.”

Bruce Meets Frankenstein. Bruce Campbell “lets it slip” that a sequel to My Name Is Bruce will begin filming this fall. Bruce Vs. Frankenstein. Hmmm.

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