They Might Be Giants Wax Scientific

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They Might Be Giants have been making alternative rock music for over 20 years.  Perhaps best known for “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” their insanely catchy ode to a nightlight, and their popular cover of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” the band has been busy carving out a new niche in the world of children’s music.

Their latest release “Here Comes Science” features songs about the elements, evolution, photosynthesis, the scientific method, speed and velocity, paleontology, computer assisted design…  and I am not in the least bit embarrassed to announce that it’s my favorite They Might Be Giants album!  It totally ROCKS!

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I sat down with the two Johns – Linnell and Flansburgh – at their Brooklyn rehearsal studio to discuss the long strange trip it’s been for them, and then we also join the band at one of their family shows at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, to see how seasoned rock stars deal with the unique challenges of performing live for thousands of toddlers.

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