America’s Top Game Tester: Sony Announces the Cast of Its New Reality Show

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Seriously: Sony Computer Entertainment is producing a reality show about contestants competing to be an official PlayStation game tester. To prove it’s really happening, SCEA just announced the cast of the show, whose collective list of favorite games and characters suspiciously references titles that you can only play on the PS3.

Standouts include a female professional game player, a Spock-worshipping theater technician with a masters in Shakespearean literature, a women who is turned on by Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic, and a used car salesman who became a gamer because his parents wouldn’t let him go outside as a child.

Before committing to watching the show, I’d like to know more about what contests (Singstar sing-offs? Scavenger hunts in PlayStation Home? Name The Motion Controller?) Sony plans on using to determine a winner. The Tester debuts soon on the PlayStation Network.