Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today

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I’ve clearly been living under a rock. Here are a few kick-ass things that I found while perusing the Internets this weekend. This may or may not turn into a weekly post and I welcome all of you to share with us what you found this weekend.

I love magazines, books and comics. I know they’re a waste of natural resources and everything will eventually go online, but until that happens, I will continue to purchase them on a weekly/monthly basis. *I recycle, FWIW*

Did you know that a 160GB hard drive is capable of storing 120 years worth of National Geographic? Me either! For $200, you can get every single issue of NatGeo from 1888 up to 2008. This is so rad.

Interactive projector? Yes, please!

Having a 8GB iPhone 3GS doesn’t leave me with much room to store movies or any portion of my music collection. What I really want is an external memory card that can be plugged right into the iPhone. Wouldn’t that be something? Well, AirStash is the closest thing to that so far. It’s a USB drive (expandable via SD) that acts as a media server and Wi-Fi access point. You can access and stream content via your Web browser without actually being connected to a wireless network. Magic? Yes. Does it work? No one knows. And we have no idea when it’ll be out or how much it will cost.