Amazon Gets Pissy, Pulls Macmillan Titles

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The e-Book pricing wars are upon us.

Having a bit of trouble purchasing a Macmillan published title from Amazon? You’re not the only. Macmillan titles can still be purchased from third party vendors, but you won’t find any shipping from the Amazon warehouse.

According to the NYT, a bitter feud between Amazon and publishers over e-book pricing “has been brewing for the last year” and to show they mean business, Amazon pulled the majority – if not all – of Macmillan’s titles sometime on Friday. Publishers have been asking Amazon to raise the price from $9.99 to $14.99 and it appears they’ve come to a stalemate.

Does this have anything to do with Apple’s iBook store announcement this last week? Perhaps, but until the store officially opens and we see what sort of pricing is set, we won’t know for sure.