Virgin Oceanic Disguised As Necker Nymph Underwater Plane Unveiled

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Very little is known about Branson’s latest endeavor Virgin Oceanic, save for a quick mention in TIME from last September and in an interview with TECHLAND in December. In fact, we have no idea whether or not Oceanic is meant for exploration or pleasure the way Galactic is privatized space travel. However, on Friday in the UK, Branson unveiled the Necker Nymph, a £415,000 prototype submersible capable of diving to depths of 35,000 130ft.

For now, the Hawkes Ocean Technologies built underwater plane will be available to Necker Island vacationers willing to shell out $113,000 ($25k/week for the Nymph, $88k/week to stay in the Necker Belle). The luxe sub is controlled by a joystick and comes with “fighter jet technology.” According to marketing manager Karen Hawkes, the latest Deep Flight series sub has low environmental impacts due to positive buoyancy, low light and noise emissions.

Sir Richard is expected to receive the Necker Nymph with its “Oceanic” branding on February 20.

(via Daily Mail)