DVD Exclusive: Zombieland’s Cynical Survivors

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Until we finally get our Pride and Prejudice and Zombies epic, then I guess we’ll just have to settle for this – the hilarious accidental zombie road trip, pairing the armed-and-insane Tallahassee with the terrified, timid Columbus. It was a fun time in the theaters – right up there with Shaun of the Dead, in twisting around the conventions of the genre as fodder for a few memorable punch lines. (See Techland’s Five Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movie Masterpieces)

And let’s be honest: If you were on the run from the zombie apocalypse, you’d want to find someone with the maniacal mindset of Tallahassee. We all might feel like a Columbus inside, but at the first sign of the Rapture, find a good Tallahassee to buddy up to.

Zombieland hits DVD tomorrow, and the folks over at Sony were kind enough to let us get our hands on a great deleted scene from the DVD special features. You might remember that Wichita and Little Rock steal Tallahassee and Columbus’s car – twice. In a row. But on the second attempted grand theft auto, they agree to a truce, and partner up and brave the undead together.

Well, in this deleted scene, it suggests that Wichita and Little Rock did indeed ditch the guys a second time, determined not to get bogged down by the “slow or the weak.”And then a few minutes later they start to realize that the slow and the weak might come in handy, if they ever need a couple dunces to sacrifice when the going gets tough.

It’s a fiendishly cynical little scene – making it clear that Wichita and Little Rock are two women who will do whatever it takes to survive.  Enjoy the clip!

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