The Best Review of ‘Avatar’ I’ve Ever Seen

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Sick of Avatar yet? Good, because you’re going to want to see this.

This two-part Avatar analysis is half rant, half film facade breakdown. More than a comical comparison of James Cameron’s block busting techniques, it breaks down the plots, sub plots and character development to explain why the entire world has been sucked under the $2 million blue umbrella.

For example:

“You’ve been played by a Hollywood snake oil salesman for the cash in your wallet, you fools! Take your Prozac and get back in the toll booth.”

From Red Letter Media – who brought us an amazing look at train wreck The Phantom Menace – the same slobbery-voiced old man with a twinge of a mental handicap delivers a jab-by-jab review of Avatar that’s amusingly honest.

If this doesn’t beat any review you’ve come across, I’m just not sure what will.

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