Batman 3: It Won’t Be Long Now

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Today, Variety wrote that ABC’s FlashForward would endure another kick to the teeth as co-creator David Goyer announced his departure from the show to focus on his film career (though he will stay attached to the show as executive producer.)

Translation: It’s Batman 3 time, kiddies!

Goyer co-wrote 2005’s Batman Begins and also created the story line for 2008’s The Dark Night along side Christopher Nolan. With plenty of speculation that the franchise will only decline since the unfortunate absence of Heath Ledger’s brilliant Joker, we’re sure that Nolan is hanging on tightly to the key players of TDK to recreate it’s success. I’m just not so sure it can be done.

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Ledger’s performance aside, TDK dragged (Marvel’s Matt Fraction totally agrees!) after the movie hit the 2/3 mark. I would have been happy with a quick rage-filled showdown after the sought-after Rachel was killed. But no, we had about an hour left of Aaron Eckhart running around like some forlorn zombie. Save it for the sequel, guys!

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So what’s up next for Gotham’s hero? Who knows. My money is on Mr. Reese (mysteries) spawning a Riddler villian, but Goyer or Nolan may have a curve ball or two up their sleeves.