“BioShock 2” Review: I Need A Nightlight To Sleep

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Once again we’re transported back to Rapture, but 10 years after the events that transpired in the first “BioShock” story and we find ourselves trampling through the underwater city as a Big Daddy. I won’t give away any of the story or plot lines because without them, “BioShock 2” is more or less the same game we’ve all come to love from 2K Marin. NO SPOILERS HERE.

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So, what’s different about “BioShock 2” and why should you buy it? That is what you’re asking, right? The formula is more or less exactly the same as the first – go on exploratory missions throughout Rapture collecting weapons/plasmids, killing splicers and harvesting/rescuing Little Sisters based on elaborate tales from various citizens of Rapture all the while trying not to soil yourself along the way. Sophia Lamb replaces Andrew Ryan as your enemy and you can now dual-wield plasmids and guns. Oh, and there’s multiplayer! It’s pretty neatorific.

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Like life itself, you’re presented with a choice to go down one of two paths. Do you harvest or rescue Little Sisters? Do you betray the inherent trust to collect a few more ADAM or do you rescue said Little Sisters and escort them on their journey to extract genetic material from the corpses strewn about? Should you choose to partake in the latter then be sure to stock up on ammo because you’re going to have to fend off an army of splicers while the little one does her thing. Your presented with other choices throughout the rest of the single player campaign, but I’ve already said too much.

In fact, there’s a long list of things I’m not allowed to mention because doing so would literally ruin everything about this game.

I will, however, divulge some things I’ve noticed along the way. Playing “BioShock 2” at night is nearly impossible. Brute and Houdini splicers are wretched creatures that I never want to see ever again. You’d think having a drill would be fun, but I rarely used it. It’s inexplicable but walking about underwater as a Big Daddy is incredibly fun. Big Sisters are infinitely tougher than any Big Daddy you’ve ever encountered on any level of difficulty. They’re also pretty sexy in a weird, steampunkish sort of way. Her siren song will cause you to lose some bodily fluid causing a slightly embarrassing situation if friends are around. This happened with Lev earlier. It was awkward.

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Also, multiplayer is wicked fun but it seems a little bit forced. Not in a bad way, but something about it reminds me of “Team Fortress 2”. That is until you find the lone Big Daddy suit and go about your day destroying everyone and everything in your path. The usual multiplayer staples like team deathmatch are present with BioShock-y goodness.

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Fans of the original “BioShock” will feel right at home as Delta aka Johnny Topside in “BioShock 2.” The narrative is just as twisted and fulfilling as the original. Some may argue that not enough has changed but why mess with a good thing? Slap on a multiplayer mode and call it a day. Just be sure to keep a light on when you dive down into Rapture.

The official Techland rating for “BioShock 2” is 8/10.