The Doctor Who Auction: Don’t You Deserve A Dalek?

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Are you bummed out by your post-Super Bowl Monday? Well Uncle Steve’s here to cheer you up!

How cool is this, Doctor Who fans: There’s an auction underway in London – or about to get underway, rather, two weeks from Wednesday – that is going to allow the most devout followers of the good Doctor to bid on some serious swag. Even better: There are viewing times scheduled for “interested bidders” starting on Sunday, Feb. 21. (More at Techland: Doctor Who tops the list of the all-time best spaceships)

How many “interested bidders” do you think are going to show up to take a peek?

You can find the full auction rundown here; Here’s just a sampling of what you, interested bidder, can see in person later this month:

– An Imperial Dalek, which will go for an estimated 5,000 pounds.

– The complete costume for the Tenth Doctor from “Voyage of the Damned,” expected to go for 2,000 pounds.

– A complete Cyberman from “The Five Doctors,” estimated to go for 1,800 pounds.

– For those Doctor Who fans on a budget, how about a pair of Tardis levers/magnetic clamps? Check them out here. Should only cost you about 400 pounds.

And that’s for two! (His and hers, surely)

Check out the full Doctor Who auction. Anyone in London thinking of going to check this out?