Love At First Byte: Your Nerdy Valentine’s Day Guide

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4. Wall-E

Who doesn’t love this movie? Tell me, and I’ll go pour glue in their hair. There is nothing sweeter than robots in love, especially when one of those robots can’t stop watching “Hello, Dolly.” It’s tender moments are off set by the comedic looks at a human race that is over dependent on technology and a world that they eventually destroyed. Social currency, robot love. What else do you need?

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5. The Empire Strikes Back

“I love you.” “I know.”

The most sexually charged of the original Lucas trilogy, Empire is worth re-watching if not for Leia-loves-Han moments, then for the Imperial AT-AT Walkers. You know it’s true.

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Myspace or yours? The Gifts

So we know what you’re thinking: The movies are fine, but what do I buy? We’re glad you asked. Miral Sattar has all of the gifts you’ll need to impress your geek, guy or gal.

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