Nolan Readies For Batman 3 & Superman Reboot

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Because if Christopher Nolan can’t do it, clearly no one can.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that some super-sized projects are on the way for Christopher Nolan. Aside from prepping for Batman 3, Nolan is now said to be aiding in the attempt to resurrect the Superman franchise.

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Apparently Warner Bros. has tapped the figurehead behind the Batman pot-o-gold to “mentor” the next Superman reboot. It’s hard to tell what his role will actually be, but it’s easy to see that the movie will have more appeal if Nolan’s name is in any way attached. But will it work?

Superman’s translation to the screen is not always seamless. The Christopher Reeve films were average at best, and perhaps the most successful version to date is The CW’s Smallville starring Tom Welling as a young Clark Kent. We’re not even going to talk about Lois & Clark.

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Still, if done well, a Superman film could have potential – I’m not so sure it’ll be THE Superman movie. Perhaps it will never be made.

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