LOST S06E03 E-mail Chain: Back To Throwing Chairs

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Season 6: Episode 3

Allie Townsend: Jack has a sister? His sister was on the island? HUH?

Peter Ha: Do you watch LOST? Claire is his sister.

AT: Yeah, Claire is a halfsie. So they mean Claire? Claire is evil now?

PH: You totally DON’T watch LOST!

AT: Shut up, Ha. I’ll cut you.

So, this week we found out that something has “claimed” Siad and that the leader of the Other Others found out through the strange torture regimen that didn’t really seem to provide results. How does he know?

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PH: Because he was brought to the island like everyone else. Did he say “claimed”? I thought he said Sayid had been “cleaned.” And, yes, Claire is Jack’s half-sister who is now possessed by something or someone. She’s been kickin it with Jack’s dad the last couple of seasons.

Maybe I’ve been playing BioShock 2 a wee bit too much, but hear me out. Just like the game, the survivors – primarily Jack – are confronted with a moral choice. Like, Jack has caused those around him a great deal of pain or death. That’s gotta suck.

One other thing, why did Kate start bawling after Sawyer told her that he was going to propose to Juliet?

AT: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Kate-on-the-island storyline. So she said she followed Sawyer to help her find Claire, but I think it’s because she still has feelings for Sawyer. (Love, gross.)

What I’m really curious about is what is going on with Locke and crew while everyone else was held up in the temple?

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And, in the non-crash world, Claire is about ready to have Aaron, but the name mysteriously popped into her head? I’m not buying it. I think those versions of themselves really do remember. Deep down maybe?

PH: Kate will always have a thing for Sawyer, but I think she’s morally challenged about Aaron (Erin?) and actually wants to find Claire.

So it’s pretty clear that Locke is dead and that the undead Locke is the chap that was on the island with Jacob way back when. One of our commentors from the season premiere mentioned that the island was now a battleground between Jacob and the other guy aka undead Locke. Makes sense.

There are leaks between parallel universes and the survivors are bound to recall things here and there.

We didn’t really learn much, did we? Aside from Sayid being overcome with some sort of virus that will turn him into Claire who didn’t seem like herself. Who’s pulling her strings and where is Jack’s dad?

AT: Looks like next week we might get some answers with the re-entry of Claire and Sawyer will also run into Locke. Should be interesting.

This episode was really low on info. I hope next week steps it up.

PH: This week was pretty boring. I’m going to go throw a chair against the wall now.

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