LOST S06E04 E-mail Chain: Back To The Land Of The Locke

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Season 6: Episode 4

Peter “I may or may not have had a few drinks before LOST” Ha: What exactly was Locke a candidate for? What are “the rules” and who was that kid? Undead Locke admits to be trapped? On the island? As the black mist? Does undead Locke need the survivors to get “home”? He’s using Ford aka Sawyer to go somewhere.

This show is all about Locke. Locke. Locke. Locke. Locke. Locke. Just die, Locke. Oh wait, you did. Nevermind.

Allie “I don’t watch LOST” Townsend: Locke (and the rest on the cave wall) are candidates for the next keeper of the island, which I’m assuming, protects the rest of the world of some sort of great source of evil. He handpicked the group who could contain it there on the island. That source of evil is now inside John Locke. I think the evil is trapped on the island until someone helps it off. Or at least that’s my theory.

But why the hell weren’t there any women on that list? No Kate? No Claire? No Rose? Come on LOST, show some lady love.

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PH: I totally thought you wrote “lady lumps” for a second.

I get that the guy from the beach that was talking to Jacob in the season finale is the spirit or whatever possessing Locke’s body, but how is he doing that? Who else is dead and walking around? What if Hugo was right (last episode) about everyone being zombies?

Thanks for bringing Claire back for two seconds in the last episode and not even mentioning her in the following episode, LOST.

I have nothing further to say on the matter.

AT: Oh they just want to ensure that everyone will watch the next two episodes by never resolving ANYTHING. Also, I really don’t think that chalk could have stayed on the walls of that cave for so long. I smell a fake out… Ooo, what if the LOST creators pull a Buffy and have Jack wake up in a mental institution babbling about some island he made up. That’d be cute.

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Anywho, Rose has cancer? That’s so sad. And Locke’s fiancee is still around? AND she mentioned his father, like oh, I don’t know, they don’t hate each other??? What’s going on alternate universe. Something else happened when they reset things. I think the past was effected further back than they realized. Creepy.

PH: YOU DO NOT WATCH LOST! Rose had cancer before she even got to the island.

AT: I totally didn’t know that. And shut your face. You can do this email chain to yourself next week…

So what’s your prediction for next week?

I’m betting that Jack goes crazy and then something happens that none of us understand that’s probably looped into some small back story I didn’t watch…

PH: “then something happens that none of us understand”

We could copy and paste that line every week and be done with it until the very last episode. See you in the morning!

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