Nerdy Lightsaber Flash Mob vs. Hippie Ninja Flash Mob: A Boy Can Dream

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So yes, the great lightsaber flashmob happened.

An epic gaggle of Obi Wan wannabes crashed Cabot Circus – a shopping mall in England – and synchronized a time and place for the hand-to-hand toy duel to take place.

It resulted in a spectacle that was every bit as entertaining as Attack of the Clones – and $10 cheaper! Behold:

The gathering got me thinking: What other flashmobs could match the fire or ferocity of these young, idealistic Jedis? That debate brought me back to the great ninja showdown of 2007, where the hippies of Berkeley gathered in front of the Wheeler Auditorium and unleashed their very best ninja skills:

Jedis vs. ninjas, hippies vs. gamers: It would be the greatest duel ever conceived.

So I propose to all flashmobs everywhere: Please make my dream a reality. Pit the laser against the Nunchuck. The Jedi mind trick against Ninjitsu.

There can be only one.

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