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Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010

Today in Techland: Peter and I wrote about another frustrating week of watching LOST, meanwhile Steve talked a little about James Cameron’s plans for the Avatar novel. He’s right, we won’t bet against Cameron either.

Meanwhile, Gary brought us a guide to bonus content for Resident Evil 5, soon to be released on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and I put out a list of the best child heroes of all time. (Hint: NOT Percy Jackson.)

Here’s what else is going on in Nerd news around the Web:

ALIVE. It’s alive: Well, almost. Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series – which began in 2005 and is expected to run through 2012 – will soon be coming to the big screen. Sorry Dean, but we’re still more excited for Guillermo Del Toro’s take on the storied franchise.

Sci-Fi Pop-Rock! Topless Robot has a rather ingenious list of the 15-best songs. How can you not love a list that begins with “Purple People Eater?”

Wait, Star Trek is fiction? Turns out warp speed would have fried the crew of the Enterprise. Someone tell NASA quick!

Kickin’ ass behind the scenes: Empire rolled out the first installment of their behind the scenes series on the set of upcoming flick Kick-Ass. We like, we like. Be sure to check out Millar’s original notes for issue #4.

Your Daily Dinosaur:

Go on, go green Everybody’s doin’ it.

(via Natalie Dee)

Moral: Never mess with Wal-Mart customers: Yeesh. Sci-fi author Douglas Preston weighed in on the uproar caused by Amazon’s decision to raise the price of its e-books in a recent NYT article. “The sense of entitlement of the American consumer is absolutely astonishing. It’s the Wal-Mart mentality, which in my view is very unhealthy for our country. It’s this notion of not wanting to pay the real price of something.” Yeah, well be that as it may, the “American Wal-Mart mentality” is now mad as hell and sending Preston buckets of hate mail and a slew of one-star ratings on Amazon. Says one scorned reader: “This is just another mediocre novel written by a production author with more interest in padding his pocket book then producing a quality product. Truly a waste of time and money…delete this book from your list.”

NPR Junkies take heed: For v1.2 of the Android app is now available in the Marketplace. The latest update brings live streaming or popular programs like Car Talk or All Things Considered. No time to listen right meow? Then save it for later. The app works in the background and allows you to read and listen simultaneously. Feel free to share via email, Facebook and SMS. Go forth and download, Android owners.

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