Doctor Who Preview: First Look at the Eleventh Doctor

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The wait is almost over, Doctor Who fans. All across the intrawebs on Wednesday, the first preview image of the upcoming season was released; The first real shot of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, caught in a good old-fashioned time warp:

As you see here, in the full widescreen shot posted on the Sun’s web site, Smith is surrounded by Karen Gillan (playing assistant Amy) as well as a few subtle shout-outs to Daleks and Weeping Angels. All of this, just four days ahead of the big Doctor Who auction in England.

Smith clearly has big shoes to fill, after the departure of groomed thespian David Tennant. He’s younger than people were initially expecting from the show, but then again Doctor Who needs a good shakeup from time to time. This year, with a new Tardis set and leading male, the show should once again have that sort of new car smell that sucks in a whole new generation of fans.

Here’s to new beginnings!