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Friday, Feb. 19, 2010

Today in Techland: Peter and Lev talk Batman 3 and look way silly playing Project Natal on The Techland Show. They so crazy. Douglas takes a look at comic Kick Ass in his weekly column Emanata, and Steve chats with Shutter Island author Dennis Lehane about the film adaptation of his novel, in theaters today. It’s been quite a day, so I’ll get right to it…

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

Shit William Shatner Says: At first I imagined it to be just another gimmicky TV pilot. Now I think it’s nothing but pure genius. Shatner, AKA Captain Kirk, is set to star in the TV adaptation of the popular Twitter account, Shit My Dad Says. I can’t wait.

The NEW La Femme Nikita: The CW has found itself a leading lady: actress Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible lll and Live Free or Die Hard)  will step into the femme fatal shoes of Nikita for the network’s reboot of the series, according to The Hollywood Repoter.

Another one bites the sci-fi dust: FOX, you’re killing us here. Another sci-fi series has been given the ax (though this might be a mercy killing) as FOX execs announced today that Past Life will be pulled from the air ways. According to Entertainment Weekly, remaining episodes will be used for schedule filler on later dates still unknown.

Your Daily Dinosaur:

Love bites.

Love URLs that contain ‘bombinbuilding’ or ‘manhunter?’ ShadyURL is a version of that will get you in the spam filter, for sure. Yet, it’s hilarious. Haha:

Hulu on the iPad? Get ready to fork over a few bucks because it ain’t gonna be free. All Things D’s Peter Kafka is reporting that multiple sources have tipped him off to the purported plan. It’s all speculation at this point and who knows when, or if, Hulu will create an iPad app and whether or not Apple will accept it.

Atari: Missile Command, a movie? Yep. Apparently it’s in the works, folks. Can’t say that we’re excited yet … intrigued maybe?

Robot love: The new cover for Quirk Classics’ upcoming Android Karenina novel was released today, evoking some pretty strong C-3P0 in drag feelings, but hey, we’ve just got to wait and read. The book hits shelves this June.

Watchmen Sequel? Not likely. Today DC President Diane Nelson quashed rumors of a Watchmen, part two flick during a chat with MTV News. Bummer.

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