John Carpenter’s New Thing: Six Women Trapped in ‘The Ward’

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John Carpenter baby!

It was only a few weeks ago that I was rushing to a Lower East Side movie theater for a special midnight screening, drunk out of my mind with @gilbertcruz, sucking back on grandpa’s old cough medicine as we cackled and giggled through The Thing. Note to self: Never cross Kurt Russell in Antarctica.

Anyone who happened to attend that midnight screening will surely remember us: We were the four annoying drunk dudes on the right side of the theater.

Well Carpenter’s back, not only in the sense of the The Thing Prequel, but also with a brand new story starring Danielle Panabaker, the actress at the center of this weekend’s The Crazies. She told SCI FI Wire that  she’s working with the director on The Ward, a period piece set in the ‘60s “about six young women living in an insane asylum…They are slowly disappearing, one by one. It’s one character’s journey, Kristen [Heard], to find out what’s happening. My character is one of the young women who’s more on the promiscuous side. She’s the flirtatious sort of attention-grabber of the bunch, which was really fun. I really enjoyed doing something a little different.”

Carpenter. Mental Asylum. Promiscuous female prisoners. Mysterious disappearances.

Drunk or sober, this one should be good!

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