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Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010

Today in Techland: Peter stuck up for iPhone smut lovers everywhere, Douglas walked us through the comic book origins of the new Justice League DVD, Evan gave us his review of P.B. Winterbottom in rhyme and Steve gets revved for Hubble 3D.

Welcome to Tuesday techies, where zombies rule, Kirsten Dunst makes ya drool and Hogwarts is only a few months away. But just in case…

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

ONE MILLLLLION DOLLARS: (Did you read that in your best Dr. Evil accent? Good.) The Beat let us know that an issue of ACTION #1, which contains the first appearance of Superman sold for $1 million, officially fetching the highest price of any comic. The 8.0 graded issue is one of only two in this condition, and beat out another issue of ACTION #1, which sold for $317,200 last year, for the top spot.

I smell a trilogy: According to The Hollywood Reporter, FOX just acquired the rights to John Twelve Hawks’ book series Fourth Realm Trilogy, with Watchmen scribe Alex Tse set to adapt.

Does anyone really care about Pirates anymore? I’m not sure, but here you go, all two of you: Ian McShane is reportedly in talks to star as Blackbeard in the next Johnny Depp-tastic Pirates installment.

Right on target: At least one show we watch is doing well. (LOST aside, of course.) FX announced that it is renewing Archer for a second season and even ordering a 13-episode run – one up from this year.

See Tiger Woods, own your women’s method of communication and you wouldn’t be in this mess: Apparently dirt bag the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt didn’t appreciate his ex-mistress’s habits to blog about their previous romance so he simply deleted her Blogspot from the network. Nice.

Your Daily Dinosaur:

Meet Trixie, the latest cast member of Toy Story 3.

Google tries to take over the world, part 57: Still, about 6,500 authors are opting out of the Google Books settlement including well-known sci-fi names: Michael Chabon, Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Busiek, and, of course, Ursula Le Guin.

Long live the king: Avatar sets all-time Imax record. This surprises absolutely no one.

Is AT&T, finally on the right track? Well they managed to maintain their Apple exclusivity and I can imagined this helped a little: PC World’s 13-city 3G Network test showed that AT&T increased its download speed by 80 percent.

Google, you’re all a bunch of cry babies: According to the NYT, Intel also experienced a hacking threat around the same time as Google in January, but the attacks went unpublicized. Details were released via Intel’s annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

New Rian Hughes trade dress for the next arc of Matt Fraction’s Iron Man: Ooo, pretty.

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