Zombie of the Week: “Almost Silent”

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Welcome to ‘Zombie of the Week,’ folks, where each week we’ll present you with a different brain-eating member of the undead that has captured our fancy. There is no methodology to our Zombie Awesomeness meter, just our own piqued interests. Got a zombie we should see? Comment below. No zombie is too small, too short-lived, or too gross.

This week, my favorite brain muncher comes to us from Norwegian artist Jason. In his 2006 series Meow, Baby! (now out-of-print) all sorts of monster-types come together as one, big pop culture punching bag. (Lucky for you, if you never picked up a copy, the series will be included in Almost Silent, a hardcover collection of four series of Jason’s previous work, which will hit bookstores Feb. 28.)

Interwoven into the series are glimpses of zombie daily life. He clocks in, clocks out, kisses his wife goodbye and even takes his 15-minute work breaks before continuing on the prowl. This is not your average zombie comic. It is, however, a hilarious combination of the plight of ordinary life embodied by an Average (Dead) Joe.

Almost Silent also houses Jason’s Tell Me Something (2004), You Can’t Get There From Here (2004) and The Living and Dead (2007). If you want to get your hands on a copy ($24.99), pre-order through Fantagraphics Books.

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